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Circular intelligence

About CQ

Promoting the circular economy: A strategic approach by the CQ association to address global challenges

At a time when the sustainability of resource use is becoming increasingly important, the association CQ - Verein Zirkuläre Intelligenz recognizes the circular economy as a critical factor for solving environmental economic and social challenges.

We are convinced that a comprehensive rethink in the use of resources is essential to ensure long-term quality of life and ecological stability.

The role of the circular economy

The circular economy is an innovative approach that aims to keep products and materials in a closed cycle, maximizing their useful life and minimizing the generation of waste. By promoting reuse, repair, reprocessing and recycling, not only reduces resource consumption, but also reduces environmental impact. This model promotes a more sustainable mode of production and consumption that is beneficial to both the economy and the environment.

ein modernisiertes, zirkuläres und grünes Industrieareal mit Menschen und Familien.

Our commitment

The CQ association is actively committed to promoting and implementing the circular economy. We see ourselves as a link between various stakeholders from business, research, practice and entrepreneurship as well as the general public. By creating platforms for exchange and collaboration, we help develop innovative solutions and optimize existing practices. Our goal is to create broad awareness of the importance and benefits of the circular economy and to take concrete steps towards a more sustainable future.

Supported by foundations such as the Eckenstein Geigy Foundation and based in Basel, the CQ association is ideally positioned to promote initiatives that have a positive impact on regional, national and international levels. We invite anyone interested to join us and become part of this important movement. Your ideas, commitment and support are critical to the success of our joint goals.

Contact and participation

If you are interested in the circular economy and would like to make a contribution, we look forward to hearing from you. Together, we can pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient future.


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